Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Body found in pool of blood

 With the death of an unidentified man in Mt Hope on Friday night, the murder toll of this country has officially been pushed over 200. 

According to police reports, at about 9.10 p.m. on Friday, officers of the St Joseph CID received a report that the body of a man had been seen lying along Gordon Street Extension, Mt Hope.

A party of officers from the Northern Division who were at the time conducting joint patrols with officials from the Air Guard responded and made their way to the address. Upon walking along the pathway which connects the Eastern Main Road and the Priority Bus Route, in the vicinity of Saves-A-Lot grocery, the officers discovered the body of a man lying face down in a pool of blood. 

The victim bore gunshot wounds to the head, left shoulder and buttocks. The officers notified their seniors and a party of policemen from the St Joseph CID and the Homicide Bureau of Investigations including Superintendent Forde, Superintendent Corbet, Sgt Hernandez and Cpl Jones responded. 

The area was cordoned off and crime scene investigators reportedly recovered several spent shells in the area. The victim had no forms of identification on him and residents who were questioned said the deceased man was not known to them.

Anyone with information which can lead to identifying the deceased is asked to contact officials from the St Joseph CID or the Homicide Bureau. 

This murder has pushed the murder toll to 201. At the same time last year the toll stood at 172.

Investigations are continuing. 

On Friday afternoon two men were shot dead while liming with friends along Picton Road, Laventille. 

At about 10.20 a.m. Keston Barrow, 24, and Aton Mac Tony, 22, both from Buller Trace, Laventille, were standing in the vicinity of Agard’s Supermarket when a red Mitsubishi Lancer motor vehicle with two occupants pulled along side them.

Without warning the occupant on the front passenger seat of the car opened fire on the group of friends, hitting the two young men in the process. The vehicle then sped                                                                              off.

Residents notified police as well as the emergency health services and both Barrow and Mac Tony were taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital, however, they both died while undergoing emergency treatment. 

The driver of the car later surrendered to officers of the Besson Street Police Station. 

In his explanation to the police, he said that at the time of the incident he was working as a private hire taxi, and had picked up an occupant who asked to be brought to the shop. He said that the occupant did not tell him of his intentions and the driver sped away from the scene out of fear for his life. 

He said that the passenger eventually exited the vehicle, leaving him unharmed, and fled into the hills of Laventille. 

Police sources said they were working with key information which should assist them in identifying the shooter soon. 

Investigations are continuing.

People killed by Police in 2014

1)  Janus Alphonso, 28, on January 10

2)  Walcott Ali, 51, January 11

3) Nicholas Sylvester, 19, January 20

4) Kevon Charles, 26, January 31

5) Akeem Price, 22, February 4

6) Anthony Hepurn, 29, February 11

7) Junior Noel, 31, Feburay 14

8) Anderson Deo, 22, February 14

9) Jeremy Innis, 19, March 10

10)  Adrian Charles, 24, March 18

11)  Satrohan Ramhanie, 22,

12)  Anthony Hospedales, 18, March 26

13)  Jerome Clunis, 23, 

14)  Gilbert Browne, 25, March 27

15)  Naim Dean, 21, April 11

16)  Roy Thomas, 29, May 1

17)  Chandrabhose Samaroo, 32, May 5

18)  Anthony Amogan, 43, May 9

19)  Antonio  Swan, 21, May 13

20)  Nigel Long, 35, May 13 

21)  Dillon Mason, 20, May 21

22)  Jerome Cross, 27, May 22

23)  Joel Apparicio, 31, May 22

24)  Chaquille McCoy, 21, June 5

25)  Hakeem Alexander, 16, June 9

26) Tevin alexander, 15, June 9

27) Jerome West, June 13,.

28) Abba Diaz, 26, June 20

29) unidentified man, June 20

30) Kishawn Daniel, 19, June 21,