Sunday, February 25, 2018

Boy found hanging

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Ste Madeleine schoolboy was found hanging hours after a close female relative complained to doctors that she was hearing voices in her head.

Demario Ragoonanan, of Fourth Street, Ste Madeleine, was found unconscious, hanging by a curtain in a bedroom.

The female relative also attempted to hang herself with a piece of rope, but escaped death after the rope broke, police said.

Relatives took the child for medical attention but he was pronounced dead at hospital.

An autopsy conducted at the Forensic Science Centre, in St James by Dr Hughvon Des Vignes concluded that the child died of ligature strangulation, which was consistent with death by hanging.

Police detained the female relative and took her for psychiatric evaluation at the San Fernando General Hospital. By afternoon, doctors deemed her fit to be interviewed by police, and she was taken to the Homicide Bureau (South) and was awaiting questioning.

Ragoonanan was a Standard Two pupil of the Ste Clement's Vedic Primary School.

The boy's relatives spoke little to the media about the incident yesterday. However, a relative of the child, who contacted the Express via social networking site Facebook, wrote that on Sunday morning the female relative attempted to check herself into the San Fernando General Hospital.

Part of the e-mail which relative wrote stated: "She (the relative) loved him so much that she went to the hospital willingly on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 11.40 a.m. and told the doctor that she had been hearing voices and wanted to seek help. She begged the doctors to keep her. The doctors did not admit her to the hospital and deemed her "fit" to return home."

The child's uncle, Jason Harper, said around 1 a.m. he heard screams and he and his sister, Sherma Harper, who live downstairs the house, ran upstairs.

"When I heard the bawling I tried to open the door. She (the female relative) said 'Roy coming to kill me. You coming to kill me'? I said 'I would not kill you. I just want to know what going on with you'."

Harper said he forced open the door and his sister ran into the room.

Police said Harper untied the knot around the boy's neck, and after he could not revive him, took him to the hospital.

Corporal Beharry of the Ste Madeleine police is investigating.