Saturday, February 17, 2018

‘Brace for bad weather’

 PARTS of the country, particularly east and south Trinidad, may experience flash flooding today with the forecast leaning towards the chance of thundershowers in a few confined areas.

Light showers were expected throughout last night, but according to the Meteorological Services of Trinidad and Tobago yesterday, today is set to be mostly cloudy with light to moderate showers in various locations.

Last night’s weather update with TV6’s Damian Salandy predicted, however, the possibility of flash flooding in the furthest east and south areas, and Salandy warned residents they should watch out for flash flooding.

At least three landslides, including one in Tobago, were reported yesterday with no accompanying reports of injury or loss of property.

A landslide along the North Coast was attended to by the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation, Office of Disaster Management and Preparedness CEO, Dr Steve Ramroop, said yesterday.

With little mitigation to prevent landslides, they will continue to be a feature of the rainy season, Ramroop said.