Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brian Manning wants apology

Brian Manning, son of former prime minister Patrick Manning, has demanded an apology from the Integrity Commission.

The Integrity Commission published a list of names of some 342 people in public life who have failed to file a Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities and a Statement of Registrable Interests with the Integrity Commission for the year ended December 31, 2011.

The notice was published on Monday following publication of the lists for 2009, with 16 people; and 2010—379 people—on Saturday.

In a letter to Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon, Brian Manning stated he never served on any State board and therefore was never in receipt of any stipend/ payment for such service.

"Sometime in the year 2008, I was offered the opportunity to serve as a director on the board of the National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd, which I graciously declined," stated Manning in his letter to Gordon.

He added that he was "utterly surprised" to see his name listed in the print media as one such individual who failed to act in accordance with the Integrity in Public Life Act.

"One would think that an esteemed organisation such as the Integrity Commission would have impeccable record-keeping; not only to safeguard itself from erroneous communication such as this, but to avoid ridiculous aspersions being cast upon and unwarranted embarrassment to innocent citizens," stated Manning.

"In this view, I therefore demand that your commission publish an apology to me with the same reach and scope with which the original notice was published."

Contacted yesterday on the matter, Gordon told the Express there is a process which is followed and then the final things come to the commissioners at the end.

Gordon advised that the commission's registrar, Martin Farrell, be contacted for comment.

However, repeated calls to the registrar's department of the Integrity Commission's office and messages left for Farrell were not returned.