Thursday, February 22, 2018

British travel advisory warns: Violent crime in T&T

The latest travel advisory issued by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Trinidad and Tobago has warned of high levels of violent crime in the country.

The advisory issued on November 30 states: "Trinidad (particularly the inner city neighbourhoods east of Port of Spain's city centre, Laventille, Morvant and Barataria) suffers a high level of gang related violence and crime including murder. This tends to occur within local communities but can sometimes affect visitors."

The advisory advised British nationals to maintain the same level of security awareness as they would in the UK and ensure that their living accommodations were secure.

"You should not carry large amounts of cash or wear eye-catching jewelry. Use hotel safety deposit boxes to store valuables, money and passports. Do not walk alone in deserted areas even in daylight."

Theft from vehicles and property can be a problem in parts of downtown Port of Spain and in other urban areas, it stated, adding that all visitors, whether arriving by sea or air, should take particular care if walking around the port area or downtown, especially at night, and avoid straying into areas affected by gang violence.

There have also been robberies, some involving firearms, at tourist sites, including Fort George, the Pitch Lake, Las Cuevas beach and also at car parks of supermarkets, shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants and business premises, it said.