Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brothers sentenced for assaulting uncle

Brothers Rishi and Sterling Chatergoon were ordered on Thursday to attend Alcoholics Anonymous sessions for five years as they were sentenced for kidnapping and assaulting the uncle with whom they had spent hours drinking.

Friend Rishi Boodoo, who was jointly charged with the siblings, will also attend sessions for three years.

It was last December that mason Rishi Chatergoon, 34; chef Sterling Chatergoon, 37, and Boodoo, 27, an excavator operator, were found guilty before the San Fernando Third Criminal Court for kidnapping and committing common assault against Seedath Chatergoon.

Boodoo faced an additional charge of common assault against Seedath Chatergoon’s son, Govindra, who was 14 years old at the time.

Defence attorney Subhas Panday had said that rum drinking was at the source of the problem.

It was the State’s case, as led by attorney Trevor Jones, that around 5 p.m. on February 26, 2005,  the four started liming and drinking.

When they arrived at Seedath Chatergoon’s Gopee Trace, Penal home around 11.30 p.m., there was an altercation with Boodoo and Govindra Chatergoon.

Seedath Chatergoon intervened and was assaulted by the three men, who then threw him into the back seat of his car and drove off.

Along SS Erin Road, Chatergoon was thrown from the car into a six-foot drain.

Jones called five witnesses in the case, including three police officers and Seedath Chatergoon and his son.

Rishi and Sterling Chatergoon and Boodoo testified during their trial. They admitted they had been drinking with Seedath Chatergoon, but denied they had committed the acts against him.

On Thursday, Justice Althea Alexis-Windsor said the offences were fuelled by the use of alcohol. 

Panday said Rishi Chatergoon had ten pending matters before the court and had one conviction for robbery with violence, while Sterling Chatergoon had seven pending matters and four convictions, including common assault, burglary, possession of marijuana, and obscene language.

The judge placed both on $10,000 bonds to keep the peace for five years. 

Boodoo was placed on $5,000 bond to keep the peace for three years.

The men will attend Alcoholics Anonymous classes for the duration of the bonds.

 Alexis-Windsor referred the men to National Family Services and they are also to attend the probation office, where they will be placed under the supervision of a probation officer.