Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bunji and Fay-Ann wow fans in Square


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"You don't have to like SuperBlue but you have to respect a comeback when you see one. He is living testament that when God eh done with you; men can say what they want," soca artiste Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez said yesterday at the start of the annual Carnival 2013 Soca in bSquare concerts at Woodford Square.

The free lunchtime concerts, sponsored by TSTT bmobile, are traditionally staged for one week during the height of Carnival celebrations.

Her husband, Ian Alvarez, better known as Bunji Garlin, described SuperBlue as the artiste of the year. Acknowledging him as the man who was instrumental in bringing Fay-Ann and himself together, Alvarez also sent a strong message and a warning to those who believed SuperBlue's career in music was over. Such a talented individual should not be underestimated, he said.

Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons, who won the Soca Monarch title on five occasions, is also the father and father-in-law of Fay-Ann and Garlin, respectively. He has entered the Soca Monarch competition this year with a song titled "Fantastic Friday" after an absence of many years from the event. The already popular song is regarded as a strong contender for the Soca Monarch title.

Promptly at noon, the dynamic couple and the Asylum Band kicked off the first day of the concert titled Savage Monday. The crowd gathered close to the stage and was treated to an arsenal of songs sung by the duo from past to present. "We Ready for the Road", "Start Wining", "Miss Behave", "Savage" and "Differentology" had people jumping and waving.

Lyons and Alvarez both sang a verse and chorus from "Fantastic Friday". This sent the crowd in a frenzy as they waved their green bmobile rags in the air. The excitement of the crowd kept building as the artiste Problem Child from St Vincent exploded on stage with his song "Life of the Party."

The lunchtime concert will run daily until February 1. On each day the public will be treated to 60 minutes of live entertainment.

Today, dubbed Super Tuesday, will feature Roy Cape with Blaxx, Benjai and JW and Blaze.

Powder Wednesday will feature Machel Montano HD, the HD family and Swappi.