Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bunji's 'Differentology' goes global


SURPRISED: Bunji Garlin

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Bunji Garlin's Carnival 2013 single, "Differentlogy" is now the second most downloaded song in the world having yesterday hit position #2 on the iTunes Top Singles chart, which tracks how many times songs in its catalogue are downloaded from everywhere around the world in real time.

Bunji said he was somewhat confused when he was told the song was on the chart and moreso that it was in second position. He initially thought it was a Caribbean chart or something like that until he saw the band that was at the top position.

"I feel elated. I feel like today is my birthday. I was slightly confused. We were trying to figure out if it was a specific category like a West Indian chart, but then I saw Maroon 5 on top and Rihanna below and I realised this is the main chart," Bunji said.

Bunji said he never could have possibly envisioned this level of success for the track, which was produced by Keron "Sheriff" Thompson of Black Ice Studios. The song is already being touted as a forerunner for the 2013 Carnival Road March title.

"I am genuinely surprised by all the attention the song is getting. That kind of success was the furthest thing from my mind. It's very humbling. I'm truly at a lost for words. We had no specific plans for the song.

"We knew people would have loved it, but we didn't know to what extent. We had an opportunity to present something unusual, something a little different and even if it didn't hit we were satisfied in ourselves with the work we did," Garlin said.