Saturday, February 24, 2018

CAL senior manager gets legal letter

...for seven-day suspension of employee

A senior manager at Caribbean Airlines has received  a legal letter following the suspension of an employee.

The employee—Wazid Hamid — through his attorney Jagdeo Singh, in a letter dated March 21, called on the senior manager reservations and commercial sales Valerie Murphy-Rahman to explain the reasoning behind Hamid’s seven-day suspension.

Singh called on Rahman to “revoke your decision to suspend Mr Hamid with immediate effect, as having been unnecessary and unstoppable in all the circumstances”.

Singh in his letter noted that proper protocol was not followed in suspending Hamid and questioned who advised Rahman to proceed with such.

“With relation to the actual suspension itself, it is unclear as to who in particular has authorised the suspension of Mr Hamid, as detailed in your letter. Further, it has not been stated as to which rule in particular and under whose authority that suspension has been authorised”, Singh stated.

In a letter dated February 22, 2014, Rahman claimed that Hamid “without proper authorisation, you dismissed the Q shift”.

“The company incurred significant losses on that day with approximately 1,900 abandoned calls and substantial loss in revenue..” Rahman wrote.

But Hamid in  defending his decision said he sent the staff home due to health and safety concerns.

In responding to the letter, Hamid a supervisor at CAL stated he sent home the workers since “upon entering the modular building, I was met with the very strong scent of epoxy adhesive which seemed to be emanating from the Finance Department.

“On entry to the Call Centre agents could be heard sniffling and rubbing their eyes and noses due to the pungent scent coming through the ventilation units”.

Efforts to contact Rahman were unsuccessful as calls to her cell phone went unanswered and voice messages left were not returned.