Saturday, February 24, 2018

‘COP to set standard for all parties’

The Congress of the People (COP) is in full election mode as the party’s June 6 nomination day approaches.

In a release on Tuesday, COP deputy political leader Dr Anirudh Mahabir noted the excitement in the party at this time but pointed out that consistency was needed in order for the party to move forward.

“As happened during the 2011 leadership election, it is anticipated that the upcoming exercise will be characterised by close examination of relevant facts and scrutiny of the respective track records of candidates who may offer themselves for election.

“Whoever the candidates eventually will be, the COP should ensure its leadership election will be based on discussion of issues and policies consistent with the party’s principles and (that it will) set the standard for all political parties,” the statement said.

“Given that a general election is due in approximately one year, the role of the COP and therefore who leads it will take on additional significance. The party therefore welcomes and encourages widespread participation among its membership,” he added.

Mahabir said he was hopeful the party’s membership would have the opportunity to make a selection from among the COP’s large pool of talented potential leaders rather than have someone inserted into the important position of political leader.

“Whoever is elected should be committed to working hard towards maximising the role and influence of the COP within the Government not only in the interest of the COP but more importantly, in the interest of the citizenry,” he added.