Monday, January 22, 2018

COP raises concerns

The Congress of the People (COP) is deeply concerned about certain developments in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections which, if ignored, can become dangerous to the unity of the country and the people.

This concern, the COP said, is based on the emergence of negative and divisive trends, including the sowing of distrust and hate on the basis of race, the promotion of dangerous inter-island discord and the emergence of significant incidence of hostile and violent behaviour, thankfully not on a widespread scale.

"The COP will do its part to ensure that the unity of our people is not disrupted for the gains of any political party or minority interest.

"We call on the people of Trinidad and Tobago and all political parties to defend and promote the unity of our society and stop any attempt to plunge our peaceful land into any form of destructive, divisive thinking or action," the COP said in a press release, in which it also congratulated all the successful candidates.

"The people of Tobago have spoken," the COP said.

According to the COP, the outcome of the election has produced a new unfettered administration in the THA, without any official minority opposition to provide a check and balance.

"This development is challenging in the context of development of our democracy and for good governance.

"Similar to the situation in the national Parliament after the 1971 general elections and opposition no-vote campaign, the people Tobago must now act as the vigilant check and balance on almost absolute power," the COP said.