Wednesday, February 21, 2018



At a press conference with Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and Former Minister of Justice Herbert Volney on May 20, Volney stated: "I do believe I still have a contribution that I can make to the country in criminal justice and on your call or on whoever’s call I think that I will be prepared, not mind you on a political level, but as a strict extra judicial or juridical basis to continue to contribute to bringing this crime situation in the country under some measure of control."

Our report the following day on page 3 stated that "Ramlogan said he would consider a suggestion by Volney that he could contribute to the government's fight against crime in a judicial or juridical role, so long as there was no political affiliation".

This was also repeated in our editorial of May 22.

The AG however did not commit to considering Volney's suggestion.

We apologise for the error and editorialising of this particular part of the press conference.