Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cable barriers prevent cross-over collisions

Arrive Alive president:

Arrive Alive president Sharon Inglefield has questioned whether enough was being done to prevent cross-over collisions on the nation’s roads.

Inglefield was commenting on the fatal crash along the Uriah Butler Highway, near Endeavour Flyover, Chaguanas, on Tuesday in which Mahadeo Ramcharan, 48, his wife, Nanda, and their 13-year-old son, Nyron, were killed.

Inglefield asked: “Would cable barriers have prevented this cross-over collision? If not enough room—why not the concrete Jersey barriers? What’s happening with the further installation of cable barriers along our highways? These barriers avoid cross-over collisions.”

In a statement from Arrive Alive, Inglefield stated the existing barriers need to be pro­perly maintained and in good working condition to prevent collisions of any nature and to avoid serious injury and loss of life.

Inglefield questioned how soon President Anthony Carmona would sign off on the new law with regard to speed management on the roads.

And she asked when police officers would be equipped with speed guns and other relevant equipment to support the ticketing of indiscriminate drivers.

“We have been allowed to be lawless for too long in our country. Now is the time for action. Road safety is no accident,” she said.

Yousuf Hosein, who survived a cross-over collision two years ago, said he was outraged by the crash that claimed the lives of three members of the Ramcharan family.

“This is a traumatic experience for me because it brought back all these memories,” he said.

Hosein said the fatal crash could have been prevented if cable or concrete barriers were installed throughout the highway.

“We need these barriers throughout all the highways in Trinidad and Tobago.

“And despite police presence in highway patrols, there are the unguarded moments like the incident on Tuesday,” he said.

Hosein pleaded with the Ministries of Works, Infrastructure and Local Government to install the barriers now to prevent more fatal accidents.