Sunday, January 21, 2018

Licensing overhaul

 Speaking with the Sunday Express, Cadiz said the Motor Vehicle Autho­rity’s  (MVA) main office is currently under construction and will be delivered in June.

The minister said administrative personnel will be based at the Central location and vehicle inspections, driver train­ing and other aspects pertaining to the authority will take place at this location.

The new MVA will be a computerised environment, with the acquisition, adaptation, improvement and implementation of a complete business software system, which introduces the best practices of the Province of Nova Scotia into the operations of the Licensing Department.

This software will ensure a new, secure driver’s licence, which will improve the identification of citizens and reduce fraud. 

It will also see the introduction of highly secure vehicle plates, which will facilitate the management and control of the illegal use of motor vehicles, leading to a positive impact on the level of crime.