Friday, January 19, 2018

Call for peace at funeral for slain pastor’s brother


injured nephew: Timothy Janitar at the funeral service for his uncle Kishan Lutchmansingh at David Toby Road, Chin Chin, Cunupia yesterday. Lutchmansingh was killed by his brother, Pastor Vishnu”Kitty” Lutchmansingh while Janitar was injured when “Kitty” ran him over with a car. —Photo STEPHEN DOOBAY

Mark Fraser

RELATIVES of Kishan Lutchmansingh who was killed by his pastor brother, Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh, said yesterday had Kishan not risked his life, a few more of their relatives would have been killed.

Amos Dadbahal, their nephew, urged his family to live in peace. Along with other relatives he insisted Vishnu’s action against his brother had nothing to do with a land dispute.

The family also said they did not know why the incident happened.

Dadbahal who was one of the feature speakers at the funeral for Kishan, which took place at his David Toby Road home in Chin Chin, Cunupia, asked the congregation to check his uncle’s coffin to see if he took anything when he died.

His message was that life was not about gathering items but love, friends and family.

“It had arguments in my family, but it never resorted to this,” he said.

The incident occurred just before 10.30 a.m. on Monday at Savary Road Extension in Las Lomas.

Police said prior to setting his house on fire then shooting himself in the head, Vishnu had a heated argument with his brother, Kishan, near the man’s home. But police have since prevented the pastor’s cremation from taking place due to the need for DNA testing. They need to determine the charred body found is indeed his.

During the quarrel, Vishnu, who was before the court on several fraud charges, drew a licensed pistol and shot his brother.

He then left the scene and drove to Savary Road Extension where, using his car, he broke through a barrier that blocked the road leading to his property.

There he confronted one of his nephews, Timothy Janitan. He shot at his car several times and then ran him over.

Janitan was at the funeral. He still appeared to be in a state of shock.

Dadbahal continued, however, that argument was a normal part of life, “and if we didn’t have argument how will we know we have love”.

Joan Dadbahal, once of Kishan’s nieces said, “all families had their make-up and break-up and I am not going to question why.”

Dadbahal said: Kishan saved the life of his son and nephew and family was the life of Kishan, so we will grow from strength to strength and we will go through trials and mishaps. And well my uncle Kitty. He was a wonderful person but we just don’t know what happened.”

Lutchmansingh was later cremated at the Waterloo Cremation Site.   See Page 8