Friday, December 15, 2017

Call for senators to support public procurement bill

PRESIDENT of the Joint Consultative Council for the construction industry, Afra Raymond, says the public procurement law will go a “long way closing down that channel of undue political influence” in political party financing.

Raymond made the statement at a press conference on Friday at the Professional Centre Building, Fitzblackman Drive in Woodbrook, called in response to the Senate’s unanimous passing of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Bill on Wednesday.

“On behalf of JCC, the public procurement law is an essential part of curbing undue political influence and reinforcing the stability of our country,” Raymond said.

“We think the public procurement law will go a long way in closing down that channel of undue political influence, the channel that leads to the waste and the theft of public money; party financiers,” he said.

Raymond said the People’s Partnership in its manifesto” actually promised to promote legislation for the registration and funding for political parties subject to review of an independent body”.

“Independent senator Helen Drayton laid a private members motion in the Senate, in November 2013, and that motion called for, be it resolved that Parliament appoint a joint select committee to propose a legislative framework to govern the financing of election campaigns and to support its report with recommendations to both Houses of Parliament within six months of its appointment,” Raymond said.

“The JCC is formally calling on the senators to continue their groundbreaking efforts to give favourable consideration to senator Helen Drayton’s motion for the need or proper laws to control party political financing. The JCC is urging our senators to approve this substantial motion and proceed to a joint select committee so public views could be heard before these important policies are formalised. The JCC is now joining the call for non partisan and decisive action on party political financing, our country’s interest require no less,” he said.