Thursday, December 14, 2017

Camille: St Jude’s Home needs attention

Opposition Senator Camille Robinson Regis says the St Jude’s Home for Girls also warrants attention.

Speaking during her contribution to the Prisons Bill 2014 at the Senate sitting yesterday, Robinson-Regis said the St Jude’s Home is the only institution available in the country for young women and girls.

She said on some occasions girls have to be incarcerated at the women’s prisons.

“The problem with that is that they have been influenced by the older, more experienced prisoners and, in many instances, those are the breeding grounds that move these young people into a cycle of repeat offending and behaving in a more offensive manner,” said Robinson-Regis.

She noted Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar appointed a task force to deal with the situation involving young children who are subjected to abuse.

“Even while that task force was doing its work, the alleged atrocities that have taken place at the St Michael’s home have in fact taken place,” she said.

She said this task force, in its report, also stated there was need to look at the conditions at St Jude’s.

Robinson-Regis said the legislation before the Senate would not go far in ensuring the atrocities that occurred at the home are prevented and, if they do occur, to have the children removed immediately.

She said the boys at the St Michael’s home were still there, and nothing has been said further about their removal or about the people who are supervising them.