Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Canadian doctor with Trini roots helps save man's life


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A Canadian doctor with Trinidadian roots helped save the life of a man whose heart stopped for more than an hour in Alberta, Canada, recently.

Cardiologist Dr Kevin Bainey, son of a Trinidadian who migrated to Canada 40 years ago, and the Vital Heart Response Team in Edmonton, Alberta, saved the life of Bill Fox, who suffered a massive heart attack, according to CBC News in Canada.

The report stated that Fox's heart stopped for 80 minutes, after he complained of not feeling well.

However, paramedics with advanced cardiac training used CPR and defibrillation to keep him alive by dropping his body temperature to preserve his brain.

In an interview with CBC News at the weekend, Bainey said, "Yes, he has had a massive heart attack but his brain is equally important and that we would continue the cooling protocol of which we cool the patient for 24 hours and then rewarm him."

However, Fox was getting worse because of massive internal bleeding caused by the CPR that was used to save his life.

Bainey said he and his team at Edmonton who made the diagnosis were fortunate enough to buy time in order to do so.

They stopped the bleeding and then repaired Fox's heart, allowing him to survive.

He is now at home recuperating with a prognosis of a full recovery.

Bainey added: "The chance of seeing a patient walk out like this gentleman is very rare."