Monday, December 18, 2017

Carenage man gunned down


QUICK RESPONSE: Supt Michael Roban, left, along with ASP Balram, centre, and Sgt Ramsook of the Port of Spain Divisional Task Force on the scene of yesterday’s shooting at Henry Street, Port of Spain, where a Laventille man, Prince Olatungi Denbow, was shot.—Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY

Mark Fraser

WITHIN the last three years three members of a Carenage family were violently killed—one at the hands of  the police, another by a gunman, and on Monday night yet another was also felled by bullets.

The latest victim is Alfred Coltis, 55, who was shot dead while liming with his cousin at the corner of Smith Hill and Western Main Road, Carenage.

Police said that around 9 p.m., the two men were standing near the corner when a maroon Nissan Almera stopped near them. One man got out, pointed a gun at the two men and opened fire.

Coltis was hit, along with his cousin Stephen Phillip. The gunman then escaped in the Almera.

Residents who heard the gunshots contacted the Carenage police. One of them also took both men to St James District Hospital where Coltis was pronounced dead on arrival.

 Phillip was transferred to Port of Spain General Hospital, where he remained in critical condition up to last night.

Between May and June 2011, two members of the Coltis family were gunned down in separate incidents.

In May 2011, Daniel Coltis, 23, was killed during an alleged shoot-out with the police.

Police said they saw Coltis brandishing a 9 mm pistol and when they ordered him to drop the weapon he instead fired at them. Officers fired back, hitting Coltis several times about the body.

 He died at Port of Spain General Hospital.

Several Carenage residents protested afterwards, accusing the police of brutality. The residents burnt debris along Western Main Road, stating that Coltis was “an innocent youth”.

The matter is still being investigated.

One month later, Bernard Coltis was shot dead on the night of June 24, 2011.

 Police said Coltis went to Paradise Restaurant and Bar and after ordering two boxes of chicken and chips, two masked men walked into the bar, found Coltis and fired several shots, hitting him about the body.

By the time the police arrived Coltis was already dead. 

The murder remains unsolved.

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations into the latest homicide.