Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Carmona gives only 'the best'


Flashback: Justice Anthony Carmona, left, is greeted by Justice Frank Seepersad during a luncheon hosted by the Assembly of Southern Lawyers in July 2012. The function was held at the Royal Hotel in San Fernando in honour of Justice Carmona, who was appointed as a judge in the International Criminal Court. Justice Seepersad was also one of the persons shortlisted by Government as a potential nominee for President. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

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A GENTLEMAN and a man to respect.

This was how Government's nominee for the post of President, Justice Anthony Carmona, was described yesterday by those who know him.

Carmona, who is originally from Santa Flora in South Trinidad, was hailed as a hero by the principals of the primary and secondary schools he attended.

The High Court judge, who sits on criminal matters, has come a long way since he graduated from the Santa Flora Government Primary School.

The school's principal, Patricia Bissessar, said yesterday when the school celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, Carmona was the motivational speaker for the interfaith service held at the school's compound.

She said, "We are really excited. I think this is going to be a motivational thing for all our students. To know that he sat down in the same seat where they are sitting and he was nominated for the highest office in the country means that they could do it also.We are going to use that as a trump card to get the children to improve."

Bissessar said Carmona was evidence of the school's motto "Nothing but the best."

Principal of Presentation College in San Fernando, Errol Jaikaransingh, said on the two occasions that he met Carmona, "he has always impressed me as being a gentleman".

Jaikaransingh said, "He would be an excellent choice. He has quite a reputation of being a nice person. He has always kept in touch with the college and past students. It would be amazing and fantastic if he is chosen and he will make a good president with his many years of legal expertise for the country."

And president of the Siparia Chamber of Commerce, Keith Sankar, described Carmona as a suitable and worthy candidate for the job.

He said, "I know him well. He has worked his way up through the (law) service and he has international experience. He is amicable, a well liked gentleman and well respected."

Sankar added, "He is man you would not have much contention with, because he has never really been involved with politics."