Sunday, February 25, 2018

Carrera Island convict recaptured

...two cops commended for spotting him in St Margarets


RECAPTURED: Carrera Island prisoner David John Pierre

Donstan Bonn

Carrera Island prisoner David John Pierre who had escaped from prison over nine months ago was recaptured today in Marabella.

Pierre, who was in prison after being sentenced to death for the killing of a taxi-driver in Sangre Grande, was held by police officers of the St Margaretís Police Station.

Corporal Roger Nanan and Constable Curt Persad were commended by their seniors for their ďexcellent work and keen powers of observationĒ.

According to police, Nanan and Persad were in a marked police vehicle driving along Southern Main Road when at around 3 p.m. Persad spotted Pierre walking along the road.

A senior police officer said that the police officers exited the vehicle and began to chase Pierre.

Pierre, 34, was subdued and detained.

He was taken to the St Margaretís Police Station and was expected to be slapped with several offences.

Police said they had received information several months ago that Pierre was seen in a forested area in St Margaretís Village with a high-powered rifle.

A senior police officer said that the prisoner will be taken back to his hideout for it to be searched.

Pierre, who had been on the run since his escape in June last year, was considered ďarmed and dangerousĒ.

He was 22 years old when he was found guilty in 2002 for the killing of Sangre Grande taxi-driver Chanker Mootilal. †

In June last year, Pierre reportedly removed a grill from the cell in which he was imprisoned off Chaguaramas, on Trinidad's north west, and swam across to Trinidad.

Police had mounted several manhunts across the country for Pierre.

Shortly after he had escaped he was said to have been seen in Maracas Valley, but searches on land and air turned up empty.

A senior police officer in the Southern Police Division said that over the last three months officers received information that Pierre was seen in St Margaretís Village.

Police again launched manhunts in the forested areas with foot patrols and aerial searches, but he was not found.

Pierre was convicted of the killing Mootilal on February 28, 2000, by slitting his throat after pretending to be a passenger in his taxi.