Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chutney Soca Monarch keeps his 'free' date


NEW MONARCH: Newly-crowned Chutney Soca Monarch Raymond Ramnarine, centre, receives a congratulatory kiss from his parents Moonilal and Bella Ramnarine following his performance at the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) all-inclusive fete in San Fernando on Sunday. –Photo: DAVE PERSAD

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WITHIN hours of being crowned Chutney Soca Monarch, Raymond Ramnarine kept his date with the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) all-inclusive fete, and put on a free show with his band Dil-E-Nadan.

Ramnarine appeared on stage at the 13th annual fete in San Fernando on Sunday night, telling revellers how honoured he was to be with them.

He was announced winner of the Chutney Soca competition at Skinner Park, at 4 a.m. that day.

His brother Richard Ramnarine, a band member, told the Express, "I was introduced to the fete through a company, and when I saw what they were doing, we adopted the NCPD and just wanted to give them our support. I must apologise for the late start, but no amount of wins or jobs could stop us from being there on that night. We already put things in place for next year."

The fete was organised by administration manager and sports coordinator Judy Beckles.

She said the NCPD got an added bonus when Ramnarine won the title earlier that day. She said the band had been performing at function for the past six years, and have never charged to play.

Beckles said the proceeds from the fete will pay for counseling and developmental tools to aid the differently-abled.

Beckles said the organisation has an enrollment of 200 pupils at New Street, and Seukaran Street, San Fernando, and while the NCPD receives a government subvention, it is insufficient to fund  the vocational training programmes.