Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chutney singer in court for drunk driving

A CHUTNEY singer arrested returning from a performance at an all-inclusive event appeared in court yesterday charged with six offences, including driving while drunk.

Kerron "Whackerman" Williams told the court he became the driver of the vehicle after his designated driver–his pregnant wife–began feeling upset.

It was around 12.30 a.m. yesterday that Williams was stopped by officers along Rodney Road, Endeavour.

Asked by the police for his driver's permit and insurance, Williams said: "Boy, I eh have no driver's permit yuh know."

Williams, 26, of Freeport, admitted he never had one in the past, police prosecutor Sgt Deochand Gosine said.

When PC Phagoo held onto his hand to arrest him, Williams pulled away. He was eventually subdued and taken to Chaguanas Police Station. The breathalyser test was administered and Williams registered readings of 46 and 45 microgrammes.

He was charged by PC Phagoo with driving while over the legal 35 microgramme alcohol limit, resisting arrest, not having a driver's permit and insurance, and failing to produce these documents to an officer in uniform.

Attorney Darryl Giles told Chaguanas Magistrate Alexander Prince his client was beaten by the police and had sustained injuries to his lip.

Williams held a rag to his swollen top lip.

"He is an entertainer in chutney and goes by the name 'Whackerman'," Giles said.

He said Williams was coming from performing at The Rise restaurant, at Lange Park, Chaguanas. The venue hosted an all-inclusive party on Sunday.

"When he goes to perform, his wife will be there with him to drive him home... On that day his wife was driving the vehicle but she had a bad feeling and began (throwing up) in the vehicle. His wife is pregnant," Giles said.

He said his client was afraid to leave the vehicle parked unattended and therefore decided to drive.

Williams was fined a total of $6,800 to cover four of the charges. The charges of failing to produce a driver's permit and insurance to the police officer were dismissed.

Should he not pay the money, he will serve jail time.

Cpl Ken Ali was commended by Prince for his work and the work of the officers who were under his charge during the operation in which several people were charged with driving drunk.