Friday, February 23, 2018

Citizens asked: PRAY FOR ROBINSON

PM: "we all recall his unforgettable words:”Attack with full force!”

anr robinson

Former Prime Minister and President Arthur NR Robinson.

Donstan Bonn

PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar this afternoon visited former President Arthur NR Robinson at the St Clair Medical Centre, Port of Spain, where he is reported to be gravely ill.

Following the visit, Persad-Bissessar went to Parliament to lay the

Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Events Surrounding the attempted Coup D’état of 27th July 1990.

She said "The nation is fully aware that our illustrious former President and Prime Minister, Mr. A N Robinson was the prime target in the attempted Coup of 1990.

The Report confirms that a central mission of the insurgency involved the life of Mr. Robinson.

Today, we are saddened that his health has now taken a down turn.

He is currently hospitalised and we join in collective prayer for his well-being.

Earlier today, before I came to the Parliament, I took the opportunity as Prime Minister, but perhaps moreso in my own personal capacity as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, one, along with countless other citizens of our Nation, one who has been inspired and strengthened by his leadership and demonstrated courage, that he has shown and as a person who has benefitted from the wisdom and sagacity of this internationally renowned son of our soil, I paid a visit to Mr. Robinson.

The visit was brief, given the prevailing circumstances, but I wanted to convey to His Excellency, the fact that the Commission of Enquiry, which he deeply urged I should establish, had completed its monumental task and had presented its report to the President.

I wish Mr. Speaker to dedicate the laying of this Report in this House, which Mr. Robinson served for so many years, to former President His Excellency Mr Robinson.

I think that we can recall that he has been steadfast over the years in his calls for us to bring a clearer understanding of those dark and tumultuous days which started on July 27th 1990 and which may have produced a different turn of events if Mr. Robinson was not of the calibre, with an immense and demonstrated sense of national loyalty to his country and its People, regardless of personal consequences.

I think that we all recall his unforgettable words:”Attack with full force!”

President of the Inter Religious Organisation (IRO) Harrypersad Maharaj, who visited with Robinson earlier today, has asked that the nation pray for Robinson, who was born December 16, 1926.

Maharaj stated "Today I took the time out to pay a visit to former President and Prime Minister Arthur N. R. Robinson who is warded at the St Clair Medical Hospital. I also spoke to his daughter Margaret who will appreciate our prayer at this time for him and the family for his speedy recovery".


Maharaj said "As President of the IRO, I kindly ask you to kindly keep our former President and Prime Minister Arthur N. R. Robisnson in your prayers and worship"

He said that special prayers be held from 8 am. to 8.15a.m. on Sunday when most places of worship and prayer will have congregations.

Maharaj stated "President Robinson has served this Nation and the world in general in so many ways and we shall be ever grateful that Trinidad and Tobago has produced such distinguished souls. May our prayers and Meditations give him strength to recover soon and courage to his family as well".