Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Classes resume at Erin Road Primary

SOME of the pupils attending rodent-infested Erin Road Presbyterian Primary School returned to school yesterday and took up classes in a different building.

President of the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Joy Ramsaroop said both teachers and pupils said they were comfortable in the new area. Only the Standards Five and Four pupils were allowed to return to the school’s compound yesterday.

Ramsaroop said by Wednesday, all pupils should be in  school again.

She said not all the issues were solved “but we are getting there.” 

She said: “I have not heard anybody complain as yet so everything seems to be okay.”

However, Ramsaroop said parents were concerned about the amount of school work missed in the five weeks children did not attend classes.

She said the PTA intended to speak with the school’s principal and other staff members concerning “what system could be put in place to make up for lost time”.

Last week, Alicia Busby, the Ministry of Education’s communications specialist said classes would have resumed yesterday for the fourth and fifth standard pupils. She  said: “Education officials have also asked URP (Unemployment Relief Programme) to join with the (Siparia) Regional Corporation as they continue the rat-baiting exercise to solve the problem.”