Saturday, January 20, 2018

Compassion, respect, love for each other

Christmas wishes for T&T:


brotherhood: Brian MacFarlane

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respectful: Dana Seetahal

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Brian MacFarlane, Carnival bandleader: "I wish we would have the compassion, respect and love for each other all year. I just saw it being expressed so much in West Mall (Westmoorings). I just came to pick up a couple of things...if we could just continue with that for the rest of the year, that brotherhood, love and compassion, that is my greatest wish for our nation."

Dana Seetahal, attorney and columnist: "What I would like to see in the country is a more respectful people and not what we have been having the last year or so, every two weeks bacchanal after bacchanal with all kinds of name calling, attacks on private people people who cannot defend themselves such as the President of the Republic. I would like to see the country showing signs of development activity in the economy in terms of upgrading of the law and in terms of people becoming more civil and that civility, in my view, will translate to having less crime and more ordered society and generally some progress. On my own behalf, I would like to see better health for all of us, maintaining health, and I would like to upgrade my exercise programme for the next year."

Rikki Jai, entertainer: "My wish might be the same thing everybody else out there is looking for, peace and goodwill to all men. Generally, I wish everybody would celebrate life for what it is, enjoy the time we have on the earth and share some good will."

Wade Mark, Speaker of the House: "My Christmas wish for this year is for the vast citizenry to refocus on the Christ in Christmas and to really determine why Christ came to the earth over 2,000 years ago. The citizens would discover that he was an example of how we should live where, for instance, we can become true peace-makers in our land and bring the gift of peace and love to homes, to our villages and communities and to our country. I would like the citizenry as a whole to really learn to love each other and to live in harmony and unity."