Saturday, December 16, 2017

Complaints over leaking San Fernando courthouse

As heavy rainfall persisted, attorneys hurried from three of the five courtrooms at San Fernando Magistrates’ Court as the roof continued to leak.

Raindrops dripped through the leaking roof in the San Fernando First, Fourth and Fifth courtrooms into paint buckets and containers near the witness stand, attorneys’ bar table, media table and on the prosecutors’ table.

On Tuesday, attorney Ainsley Lucky made an appeal to Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington to identify the hazardous conditions of the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court.

He said it was a matter that Public Services Association (PSA) president Watson Duke should pursue.

Lucky said to Wellington on Friday that it was by fate members of the public were using the building.

“Serendipity is one heck of a thing, your worship. Because here I am getting wet, in your court, sir. I tried to enter and I slipped at the entrance. Your recorder had to move, sir, and I am surprised that you are not getting wet, sir. I had to move three times at the bar table,” said Lucky.

In the First Court, a grey bucket was placed near the witness stand to collect water dripping from the roof. Reporters had to leave the courtroom because rain was wetting the media table.

In the Fourth Court, a paint bucket was placed in the gangway between police officers and reporters’ sitting area. A container was also placed on the desk of the prosecutor to collect water.

In the Fifth Court, a court maintenance employee hurriedly moved in and out of the court mopping up water.

Lucky said last Tuesday that Duke had promised to visit the courthouse.