Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cop detained

Kidnap-murder case...

A POLICE constable has been detained in connection with the kidnapping and suspected murder of Devindar Siewdass, who was abducted last Thursday and his suspected remains found on a pyre of burning tyres on Sunday.

A bloody mattress and cutlass, and a pair of sunglasses believed to belong to Siewdass, were found by police during a search of houses in Hindustan Village, Princes Town, near where the burnt body was discovered.

The detained officer is one of seven persons in custody. He is the son of a police inspector.

Officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, Southern Division Task Force and Princes Town Police Station searched parts of the village on Sunday after identifying a suspect three days after Siewdass was abducted. 

The Express was told by a senior officer working the case that Siewdass left his home in Freeport on Thursday after he received a phone call from someone owing him a large sum of money. 

Police have been told that Siewdass, who worked at courier company DHL, also operated as a money lender. 

He left his home at Rudy Avenue, Siewdass Road,  on Thursday evening without telling anyone where he was headed. 

His father, Chaguanas store owner Annarood Siewdass, called his son’s cellphone that night and the person at the other end demanded $2 million for his son’s safe return.  

Members of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit received information on the case and on Sunday went to a house in Matriste Road, Nagee Road, Hindustan, searching for a “person of interest”. 

Instead of finding the suspect, police found six others–three men and three women–and a quantity of marijuana on the premises. 

Some 450 metres behind the house, police saw a heap of burning tyres and, upon examination, found human remains. 

The six were taken into custody and police said it has not been ruled out that they are connected to the case.  

Crime scene investigators combed several areas on Matriste Road from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday. During the search, they went to an unfinished house along the same road and discovered the bloody mattress and cutlass in a room of the ground floor. 

A senior officer said the police team went to another house, again in search of the “person of interest”. There, a pair of sunglasses was found. 

Police officers returned to Princes Town yesterday when they continued to search for human remains in a heap of burnt material in a clearing behind a house. The parents of Siewdass are expected to be approached to give tissue samples to investigators, for DNA testing. 

DNA tests on tissue samples were also used to identify the bodies of Jennifer Ali, also of Freeport, and Debe cousins Dale and Jerome Ramsahai. 

Ali, 43, a mother of two, of Mission Road, Freeport, was kidnapped and bundled into the back seat of her Isuzu pick-up shortly after she left her home at Cemetery Road, Calcutta #2, on March 21 last year.

 Her body was found burnt in her vehicle at Carlsen Field. 

A month earlier, Dale and Jerome Ramsahai were found burnt in the trunk of their car at Heights of Guanapo in Arima. 

The results of the DNA testing were returned to the families as positive matches. 

Sgt Ramjag of the Homicide Division (South) is investigating the Siewdass case.