Friday, January 19, 2018

Cop held in kidnap/murder case

A POLICE constable and another man were arrested this morning in connection with murder and kidnapping of Freeport courier Devindar Siewdass.

At around 4 a.m. a team of police officers of the Homicide Division (South) detained the man at his Couva home. He is said to have some four years service, and married with children.

The second suspect, a labouer of New Grant, was also arrested.

Police said the suspects are to be placed on identification parades this week.

The arrests came days after investigators received instructions from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul who perused the case file. Police said after finalising the inquiries they made the arrests this morning.

Siewdass, 29, of Rudy Avenue, Siewdass Road, Freeport, was last seen on the evening of March 20 as he left his home driving a black station wagon. The vehicle was recovered by police, abandoned in Forres Park, Claxton Bay the next day.

Police were told he did not inform anyone where he was headed.

According to police, his father, Annarood Siewdass, received a phone call hours later demanding $2 million for his return.

Last month Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing confirmed that the charred remains found in a burning heap in forested terrain in Princes Town belonged to Siewdass.

The DNA testing was done in the United Kingdom.

Police had suspected that human remains found on March 22 in a forested area in Princes Town were the remains of Siewdass, who had been kidnapped three days earlier.

However, there needed to be legally satisfying proof that it is that of Siewdass before the family had been given the body. The remains were discovered by police officers who had mounted a foot and aerial search in forested terrain off Matriste Road, Nagee Road, Hindustan.

Police made the discovery beneath a burning heap of tires found more than 450 metres from a house.

Police immediately arrested six persons, among them three women, who were in a house near to the burning heap. Investigators searched other houses in the area, and seized a bloody mattress and cutlass from an unfinished house, and a pair of sunglasses believed to belong to Siewdass.