Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cops discover ‘shooting range’ in Diego forest

 Police have described as “horrifying” the discovery of over 3,000 spent shells of 5.56 ammunition in a forested area off Unity Lane, Diego Martin.

According to police reports, at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday, a party of officers from the North Eastern Division Task Force (NEDTF) including Inspector Roger Alexander, Cpl Sunil Bharath, Cpl Quashie, PC Gordon, PC Dass, and PC Lezama, among others, made their way to Unity Lane with assistance from officers of the Western Division.

The lawmen, acting on information received, proceeded into the forested areas off Unity Lane where they eventually came across a shooting range about half-mile inside the forest. 

There, they found several spent shells of 5.56 calibre, four live rounds of 12-gauge shotgun ammunition, a homemade shotgun, and a pellet gun. 

However, what concerned the officers the most was the fact that several of the trees in the forest had bullet holes and indents of targets, leading them to believe that the area was being used as a shooting range for target practice.

Police sources said several of the spent rounds were expected to be taken to the Forensic Science Centre in St James to undergo fingerprint as well as DNA testing.

Speaking to the Express yesterday, Inspector Alexander, vice president of the Police Social and Welfare Association, said he was concerned by the find since it meant that criminal elements were training with high calibre weapons. 

“You will realise by the find that it shows the amount of weapons which are being fired and the type of weapons which are being fired and this is a source of serious concern for us at the TT Police Service. Especially since this was just one area, and there are several others. And further more, we observed several bullet holes and indentations on the trees surrounding the spent shells, meaning that targets are being placed on these trees and criminals are training themselves to hit these targets, as the trees will cushion the rounds. It is scary to know that there are criminal elements in this country with these type of weapons on their person,” Alexander said.