Monday, February 19, 2018

Cops find woman’s body in Caura


tip-off: Police officers of the Northern Division and Homicide Bureau of Investigations view the remains of a woman found yesterday off Caura Royal Road, Caura. —Photo: ANISTO ALVES


The decomposing body of a wo-

man was recovered down a pre­ci-pice in Caura yesterday morning.

Police reported that at about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, a party of officers from the Tunapuna Police Station received an anonymous report that a body had been seen about one mile (1.6 kilometres) north of the Water and Sewerage Autho­rity (WASA) treatment plant, near three mango trees.

Officers from the station and the Northern Division Task Force, led by Inspector Mark Maharaj, Sgt Ganga Singh and Sgt Garcia, respon­ded and drove along the Caura Royal Road looking for the body. However, despite the best efforts of the police, they were unable to locate it and the search was called off at about 11 p.m. 

They returned to the area about 9 a.m. yesterday and after trekking an estimated 150 feet (46 metres) down a precipice, the officers stumbled across the body.

They notified their seniors, and a party of officers from the Northern Division and the Homicide Bureau of investigations, including ASP Hussein, Sgt Joseph, Sgt Roopchand, Cpl Lakraj, Cpl Pamphille and PC Bradshaw, among others, visi­ted the scene.

At about 12.28 p.m., the police assisted undertakers in bringing the body up the precipice, an effort which took about 15 minutes. 

When the body reached the roadway, it had been wrapped in a cream-coloured blanket before being placed in a black plastic bag. A bra and a hairpiece were found in the bag. 

Anyone with information on the incident or has missing female relatives is asked to contact the Homicide Region 2 office in Arouca at 640-1738.