Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cops get fingerprints

CPL $$ stolen at the Oval

 Fingerprints have been lifted from documents which were next to an envelope containing the $179,000 in ticket sales for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which was stolen from an office at the Queen’s Park Oval in St Clair. 

The money was said to be for ticket sales for the three CPL games to be played at the Oval later this week, beginning on Thursday.

Police sources said yesterday a party of officers from the St Clair Police Station returned to the office yesterday morning and dusted for prints and conducted other forensic exercises. 

A set of fingerprints has been lifted from letters and other documentation which where in the same drawer in which the money was stored before it was stolen. 

The prints are expected to be scanned and placed through the police service’s database of registered offenders, as well as used to compare a database of workers from the building, police said. 

Cpl Denning from the St Clair Police Station is continuing investigations.

According to police reports, the money was placed in an envelope and secured in the drawer at the office at about 5 p.m. on Saturday. However, when officials returned to the office at about 8.15 a.m. on Sunday, the envelope could not be found. 

An envelope with a number of cheques that was also in the drawer was untouched, said police.

Officers said they believe the robbery was an inside job since the door to the general office was not tampered with, but the one leading to the office where the money was kept was broken into.

A number of people have been questioned, but up to yesterday evening no arrests had been made.