Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cops kill three in Freeport

Three men, believed to be suspects in several murders, were shot and killed in a gun battle with police last night.

Officers attached to the North Eastern Division Task Force, armed with a warrant to search for arms and ammunition, went to a house at Calcutta No. 2 Freeport, around 7.30pm.

Police said officers surrounded the house and were greeted by gunfire. Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham said the officers returned fire and three of the occupants were wounded.

The men were taken to the Couva District Hospital, where they were pronounced dead on arrival. One of the men was identified as 27-year-old David Baker of La Horquetta. The two others, believed to be in their late 20s, are yet to be identified.

The officers recovered two firearms, two bullet proofed vests and spent shells.

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