Sunday, February 25, 2018

‘Cops must act in self-defence’

A different concern was raised last night by Police Service Social and Welfare Association secretary Michael Seales during an interview with the Express.

While the police Inspector noted that any life that was lost was unfortunate, he said his concern grew from persons who were making certain comments on reports which had yet to be properly examined by a coroner during an inquest, or even a magistrate if the matter called for a preliminary enquiry.

“Any life that is taken in this country will leave us concerned. But what we are even further concerned about is the perception that can be created by persons who are commenting on these situations despite the fact that none of the matters have been completed by a coroner’s inquest,” Seales said.

He also asked the public to bear in mind that while 24 people may have been reported as being killed by officers, police officers were simply human beings who lived in a society in which, for the year thus far, there were over 190 murders and over 300 firearms recovered.

“There is a prevalence of illegal firearms in this country and persons must understand that, until a coroner’s report can say otherwise, as a policeman, it is very difficult to face someone armed with a gun, regardless of how much experience or prior learning you may have. If a person pulls out a weapon, you will act in self-defence. And therefore, the association will continue to support all its members when they use reasonable force to defend their lives, even if the reality of that outcome may unfortunately be the loss of a suspect’s life,” Seales said.