Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cops nab ‘scrap dealers’ with ammo in crocus bag

 st augustine

Two men are currently in police custody after over 10,000 rounds of ammunition were seized in St Augustine on Wed­nesday night.

According to police reports, a party of offi­cers from the Northern Division Task Force, led by Inspector Mack Maharaj, with assistance from Sgt Harrilal, PC Gooding, PC Griffith, PC Persad and PC Abraham, among others, were on patrol along Orange Grove Road in St Joseph when they observed the two men in a white pick-up heading in a westerly direction.

Upon seeing the police, reports said, the men started behaving in a suspicious manner.

The officers followed the vehicle a short distance before intercep­ting the van near College Bar, along Dookiesingh Street.

A search was conduc­ted and the lawmen observed a white crocus bag on the floor between the driver and left passen­ger seat. When the bag was opened, the officers found spent shells. 

When questioned by the police, the two men, ages 27 and 37, from San Juan and Barataria respectively, told the officers they were scrap dealers and were on their way to a scrapyard in Spring Village, Val­sayn, to sell it as scrap.

Both men were arres­ted as a result and taken into custody.

Pending further enquiries by PC Griffith, the two men are expected to be brought before a Tunapuna magistrate on Monday. 

Investigations are continuing.