close-up view: A police officer holds a cellphone showing footage captured using body cameras.


Cops to test 40 body cameras

By \\\\\ Rickie Ramdass

SOME police officers are expected to be outfitted with body cameras beginning later this month, acting Police Commissioner Stephen Willi­ams said yesterday.

The implementation of body cameras for police officers was one of the recommendations made by former director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Gillian Lucky as the PCA sought to address the raging issue of police killings.
For the year so far, 34 people have been killed by police, according to an Express count.
During a brief telephone interview yesterday, Williams said the Police Service had already acquired 40 of those body cameras that will be put into use sometime later this month.
Williams said those 40 cameras will be first be tested over a period of time to determine if additional cameras should be purchased, based on how they operate. 
If additional cameras are to be purchased, Williams said this would also depend on the amount of funding received by the Police Service to purchase the cameras.
In June, Lucky held a meeting with Williams to discuss the issue of police killings and made several recommendations, inclusive of outfitting officers with body cameras.
Following the meeting and du­ring a news conference at the PCA’s head office at Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Lucky was quoted as saying: “Body cameras are important as they act as an independent means of determining where the truth lies. (And) the body cameras we speak of are high-tech and are on when you come out the vehicle, so as the officers are moving, the cameras are recording. It will not only determine where the truth lies, it also exists for exonerating officers and limiting the number of matters in which citizens complain about police impropriety.”
Since her resignation on Tuesday, the investigations into some of those police killings and other complaints against police officers will be overseen by deputy director of the PCA Master Ralph Doyle until another director is appointed. 
 Killed by police 
Following is a list of the people killed by police for the year so far. 
1. Janus Alphonso—28, on January 10
2. Walcott Ali—51, January 11
3. Nicholas Sylvester—19, January 20
4. Kevon Charles—26, January 31
5. Akeem Price—22, February 4
6. Anthony Hepurn—29, February 11
7. Junior Noel—31, February 14
8. Anderson Deo—22, February 14
9. Jeremy Innis—19, March 10
10. Adrian Charles—24, March 18
11. Satrohan Ramhanie—22,
12. Anthony Hospedales—18, March 26
13. Jerome Clunis—23 
14. Gilbert Browne—25, March 27
15. Naim Dean—21, April 11
16. Roy Thomas—29, May 1
17. Chandrabhose Samaroo—32, May 5
18. Anthony Amogan—43, May 9
19. Antonio Swan—21, May 13
20. Nigel Long—35, May 13 
21. Dillon Mason—20, May 21
22. Jerome Cross—27, May 22
23. Joel Apparicio—31, May 22
24. Chaquille McCoy—21, June 5 
25. Hakeem Alexander—16, June 9
26. Tevin Alexander—15, June 9
27. Christian Ashby—June 19
28. Abba Diaz—25, June 19
29. Kishawn Daniel—19, June 21
30. Kareem Stuart—August 13
31. Keron Guy—August 13
32. David Baker—28, August 17
33. Rubin Richens—23, August 17
34. Kareem Edwards—19, August 17


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