Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cops deliver baby girl at station

Central mom gets early present en route to hospital


bundle of joy: Salisha Jorsingh, right, cradles her newborn baby girl, Asia, next to WPC Natasha Pitt at the San Fernando General Hospital yesterday. Pitt assisted in the baby's delivery at the St Margaret's Police Station yesterday morning. —Photo: Trevor Watson

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Another baby was delivered by police officers yesterday— this time at the St Margaret's Police Station.

The baby girl was born in the dormitory at the police station around 9.11 a.m. The mother and daughter are in good health, police said. Salisha Jorsingh, 32, and her tiny baby were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital in an Emergency Medical Services (EHS) ambulance after the delivery.

Two weeks ago, Kalifa Waldropt delivered a baby girl in a car parked on the compound of the Fyzabad Police Station. Waldropt, 30, was being driven to the San Fernando General Hospital when her labour pains worsened. Her husband, Daryl, drove into the police station for assistance.

Police said Jorsingh walked into the St Margaret's police station and asked to use the washroom. An officer said, "She came in and asked to use the washroom. An officer asked if she was ready to deliver the baby but she said, 'No'. She went into the washroom and a minute later, an officer checked on her and she said her water bag broke."

Police said the officers carried Jorsingh into the dormitory where she delivered the baby.

Jorsingh, of California, near Couva, has three sons, ages 12, seven and three. The baby girl was named Asia.

Officers on duty at the St Margaret's Police Station were Constable Barry Ramgoolam, WPC Natasha Pitt, Sgt Cherylyn James and Cpl Dhanraj Maloo.

Speaking from her hospital bed last evening, Jorsingh said, "I am so thankful to the police. They were very, very good to me. I was getting contractions, and I was going to the hospital with my aunt and a friend, who is a registered nurse. I felt like I wanted to use the washroom and we were in front the police station, so I stopped there."

Jorsingh said the baby came quickly, but the officers and her friend assisted in the delivery.

"I am looking forward to this Christmas. I will have a very happy Christmas. I am happy I have a healthy baby girl, after three boys," she said.

Her husband, truck driver Vickram Bharath, was yet to see his daughter last night. "He was working when I had the baby; he will try to come later," she said.