Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cops kill bandit

POLICE shot and killed one of two bandits on Saturday night, after they robbed two families in the Diego Martin area.

The dead man has since been identified by police as 27-year-old Wade Roach of Bagatelle Road in Diego Martin.

Following the shooting, officers said they recovered a shotgun and some of the stolen items in Roach's possession.

Officers said at around 9.15 p.m, Roach along with the other man entered the home of a family in Diamond Vale and proceeded to rob them of cash, jewelry and other belonging before escaping.

A report was made to police by the victims via telephone and a search for the men was carried out by officers on patrol in the area.

Sometime around 9.30 p.m., police said they received information that the men had entered another house at Emerald Gardens, Diamond Vale.

Officers said they went to the address given and surrounded the house. It was then that Roach came out of the house armed with the shotgun and pointed it in the direction of the officers.

Police said they opened fire on him, hitting him to the chest. The other bandit managed to escape. Roach they said, was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.