Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cops nab robbery suspect with loot

AN 18-YEAR-OLD man is currently in police custody after he and another man carried out a $2.5 million robbery at a jewelry store in Port of Spain on Saturday evening.

The heist occurred around 4 p.m., at Khan's Gold Design, located along lower Frederick Street, said police.

Following the robbery however, quick action by officers of the Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Department (CID), resulted in the capture of the suspect who was found with a quantity of the stolen loot in his possession.

The other man managed to escape. Up to yesterday evening, officers were in search of him in the hills of Laventille where he was said to be from.

Investigators said, the men went into the jewelry store and pretended to be customers before they both pulled out guns and announced a hold-up.

One of them bundled the store's employees into a back room, while the other gunman proceeded to empty the glass cases containing the jewelry, said police.

After doing so, the men then fled the scene, but CID officers who were conducting an exercise a short distance away noticed the suspect running from the scene.

The officers gave chase and arrested him a short distance away. He is said to be from Picton Road in Laventille.

The jewelry recovered was also identified by the owner of the store as some of the stolen loot, police reported. Officers said the suspect will be placed on a series of identification parades today as he was also wanted in connection with a number of other robbery offences.

They said he had also provided them with vital information regarding the identity of the second suspect.

The exercise which was being conducted at the time of the robbery was co-ordinated by Snr Supt Wayne Boyd, headed by ASP Ajith Persad and included Cpl Anthony Williams and PCs Nicholas Ali, Clarke and Hosten.

During that exercise, officers said they recovered two stolen vehicles and issued a total of 58 traffic tickets. Twelve people, including the drivers of the stolen vehicles and an illegal immigrant from Guyana were arrested.

Police said the exercise was part of the Division's on-going efforts to keep the capital city free of criminal activities into the Carnival season and beyond.