Monday, January 22, 2018

Cops nab three in Diego house

Ganja in a toilet tank; pistol, ammo in bedroom

THREE people were arrested at a house in Petit Valley, Diego Martin, last Friday afternoon when officers of the Four Roads Police Station executed a warrant for arms, ammunition and narcotics.

Police said around 5 p.m., they went to the house, located in Hibiscus Drive, Petit Valley, where after searching the premises, they found a quantity of cocaine and marijuana hidden in a toilet tank.

Officers also found a 9mm pistol and eight rounds of ammunition also hidden in one of the bedrooms of the house.

As officers were about to arrest two men, ages 30 and 33, a 23-year-old woman attempted to pull away one of the suspects from the officers, saying he was innocent.

The police arrested her as well. and she is expected to be charged with obstructing the police in the engagement of their lawful duty.

All three are expected to appear before a Port of Spain magistrate tomorrow.