Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cops question Gabriella's parents


DROWNED: Gabriella Marcano

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The parents of six-year-old Gabriella Marcano have been interviewed by police investigating the curcumstances surrounding her drowning.

Investigators said witnesses have been called to give an account of the incident, which occurred on Sunday afternoon.

Police were unable to say whether charges of negligence would be laid against anyone.

Gabriella's decomposing body was found entangled in the roots of a mangrove on the bank of the L'anse Mitan River in Moruga.

The discovery was made on Monday afternoon.

The child's father, Shawn Matthews, described the coast guard as a failure.

"We begged them to search the river, but they kept diving into the sea," he said.

He thanked the fishermen and villagers who volunteered to search for his missing child.

Gabriella, a first-year pupil of Anstey Memorial Girls' Primary School, went to the beach with her parents and younger siblings on Sunday.

Relatives said Gabriella was playing near the shoreline when she disappeared.

Matthews, a father of five, insisted that he never left his daughter unattended.

"I was with my child all the time. I never left her. I don't know what happened and in the blink of an eye she was gone," he cried.

Matthews said his wife, Kelly Marcano, and younger children were distraught by Gabriella's death. "The small children still asking for Gabby and I just don't know what to tell them. How will we live without her?"

Gabriella's body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

The family lives at Lady Bird Crescent, Pleasantville.

Corporal Ramlogan of the Moruga Police Station is investigating.