Thursday, December 14, 2017

Coudray: PNM to return to Manning-style leadership

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley’s plan to disband the Local Government Ministry should he become Prime Minister is baseless and misguided, Local Government Minister Marlene Coudray has said in a press release issued yesterday.

Coudray said in the press release that it was strange Rowley would make this proposition when the former People’s National Movement (PNM) had focused on local government reform.

“This resulted in high levels of expenditure at the Ministry by one Minister, and even higher levels by the other, embarking on frolics of expanding the staff at the Ministry without consideration for the provision and improvement of the much needed staff to the Municipal Corporations which were established to address certain day to day needs of people in our communities,” stated Coudray.

“Dr Rowley’s statement is therefore not surprising from one who participated in the emasculation of local government by paying lip service to local government while consistently eroding several of its powers and functions and failing to address the fundamental problems and issues affecting local government,” she added.

She assured that the People’s Partnership Government will continue its people-centred delivery focus which has resulted in several achievements.

“This resoundingly underscores the need for the Ministry of Local Government,” stated Coudray.

“Dr Rowley’s stated intention to disband Local Government is a clear signal from the PNM of its intention to return to a style of out of control, ‘Manning style’ leadership, characterised by abysmal decision making which led to rampant misspending on mega projects that have brought little, if any direct benefits to the people in several communities,” she added.