Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Councillor: Dumping in Pleasantville ludicrous

THE plan by the San Fernando City Corporation to seize and store derelict vehicles in the Pleasantville area, is being resisted by the local government councillor for the district.

Councillor Robert Parris said, “To even suggest to put any type of garbage even if it’s in a container in Pleasantville is ludicrous.”

He spoke out on Tuesday during the San Fernando City Corporation’s monthly statutory meeting

His statements came after a representative from the city engineering department, Dennis Albert, suggested that containers with derelicts and other items be placed on vacant land within the Pleasantville area.

This response was prompted by questions posed by Alderman Vidya Mungal-Bissessar seeking an update on the removal of the derelicts.

The city’s chief executive officer Indarjit Singh responded, “These things have been accumulating over the years. However, there is a procedure in disposing of Government property.”

He added that a safe place was needed to store the containers until disposal.

Councillor for Mon Repos/Navet Shaka Joseph said a decision was made (by the council) to secure a property close to the dump and away from the residents because of the public health concerns.

He said, “We sit here, come up with ideas and ways to develop our city, and now I hear you don’t know where to put the vehicles. I find it kind of confusing and disrespectful.”

Mayor Kazim Hosein agreed and said he would have to take a drastic move.