Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Couple laid to rest side by side

Killed on highway

LIFE will never be the same again for the five children of Alfaz Mohammed and Kissoondaye Bhano, who were killed trying to cross Uriah Butler Highway in Chaguanas on Tuesday.

Mohammed, 56, and his wife, 53, were laid to rest side by side at Longdenville Cemetery yesterday.

The funeral service took place at the family's home at School Street, Palmiste, near Longdenville, Chaguanas.

Mohammed and Bhano were married for more than 35 years. They have five children and three grandchildren.

They were killed while attempting to cross the three lanes of the highway to attend Divali Nagar celebrations at Narsaloo Ramaya Marg in Endeavour, Chaguanas.

The couple were taking grandson Neeshad Mohammed to the celebrations they attended every year.

The boy was a witness to the gruesome deaths.

The couple's youngest child and only daughter Shalima Bassant said yesterday words could not describe her grief.

"I don't know how I am going to cope without my parents. We don't know what to say.

"We don't know what to think. They were a part of us. They took care of all of us. We did everything together as a family. The five of us and them. Life will never be the same."

Sarkira Bhano, Bassant's eldest brother, said: "I don't know what to say. Right now I am just speechless and overwhelmed. I am still in shock as to what happened."

Before her death, Kissoondaye Bhano had asked relatives to play a special song at her funeral. She was fondly called "Popo" and the song she requested had that name in it.

The song "Doh Doh" by Sundar Popo was played yesterday.

Bhano celebrated her birthday last Friday and Mohammed would have celebrated his tomorrow.

The eulogy was read by Mohammed's elder brother Nizam Mohammed, who flew in from England for the funeral.

Quoting from the Bible, Mohammed spoke about  times and seasons for everything, including "a time to mourn".

He said his brother and sister-in-law were very hard-working people who were selfless and did their best to teach their children "the right way".

Imam Imran Abdool, who conducted the service, told mourners that life was short and unexpected.

He encouraged mourners to be at peace with themselves and others during their lifetime.