Friday, December 15, 2017

Couples enjoy jazz festival finale


on stage: Keyshia Cole gestures to the crowd during her performance Sunday at Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago, on the final day of the Tobago Jazz Experience —Photo: Curtis Chase

Mark Fraser

As quickly as it came, it was over, as the final night of the Tobago Jazz Experience took place on Sunday, at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park with the Beach Jazz Fiesta.

Over 40,000 visitors were in Tobago during the jazz festival period.

The line up included R&B star Keyshia Cole, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Tony Paul, Geneieve, Chrycee and the Soleil Band. Cole delivered renditions such as “Shouda Let You Go”, “I Changed My Mind”, “Rick James” and “Heaven Sent”.

During her performance she left the stage without saying a word, and had many wondering if this was the end of her performance, or was there an outfit change. However, about 15 minutes later she resurfaced, in her same outfit, and continued her performance where she left off.

The show ended with entertainment from Earth, Wind and Fire, who set the mood for lovers, and had several couples swaying to the sweet sounds, holding each other tightly

Cole spoke with members of the media following her performance, and dealt with trust issues where relationships are concerned. She is currently divorcing her husband, Daniel Gibson.

“When there is always a woman involved, I think that we women then go to the other woman and take your anger out on another woman, when really I think that the anger should be taken on the man,’ Cole said.