Sunday, January 21, 2018

Court takes permits of three drunk drivers

Another fined for driving after anniversary drinks

A MAN who struck a pedestrian with his car after drinking alcohol had his driver’s permit taken away by the court on Monday.

Derick Yearwood, 50, of Princes Town, was al­so ordered to pay a $6,000 fine.

Magistrate Rehanna Hosein heard it was 9.05 a.m. on Sunday that police responded to a road-traffic accident on Circu­lar Road, San Fernando.

Constable Abraham detected alcohol on Yearwood’s breath and his speech was slurred.

Yearwood admitted to the officer he had taken “a shot of puncheon”.

At the Marabella Police Station, Yearwood had a reading of 97 microgrammes—62 microgrammes over the legal 35-microgramme limit.

Yearwood told the court he drank last Sunday after being coaxed by a friend.

The court then heard Yearwood had struck a pedestrian.

The Express was told a 23-year-old man sustained injuries to his head and the left side of his body after he was hit. He was said to be at the Accident and Emergency section of the San Fernando General Hospital on Monday.

Hosein fined Yearwood and also disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver’s permit for a year.

Inshan Ali Dhiljohn was also disqualified from having a permit after he appeared on his second charge related to drunken driving.

In 2011, Dhiljohn was fined $3,000 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

On Monday, he appeared for failing to provide a specimen of breath for testing last Fri­­­day. The magistrate fined him $10,000. In default of paying the mo­ney, Dhiljohn will spend three years in prison.

Hosein also disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver’s permit for three years.

Dhiljohn said he would pay $2,000 immediately. He was given until February 24 to pay the balance.

Pradeeve Balgobin, 22, also faced his second charge before the court.

He was found driving while 59 microgrammes over the limit while on the Gulf View Link Road, San Fernando, on Saturday.

In 2012, he was fined $3,500 by a Siparia magistrate after he was found driving while drunk.

Hosein ordered that he pay $8,000 or face three years in jail.

His mother said $1,000 will be paid immediately and the balance will be covered next week.

Balgobin will not be allowed to obtain a permit for the next three years. The magistrate told him he was a young man and he could change his life.

Peter Michael Laquis, who told the officer who pulled him aside during the road-traffic exercise that he was the owner of Standards, was warned by the magistrate that accidents and death did not discriminate.

“It doesn’t matter who you are,” Hosein said.

Laquis was stopped during Saturday’s police exercise along the Gulf View Link Road. He told the policeman he was celebrating his anniversary.

“I was drinking vodka and orange juice by a bar on Todd’s Street with Damian and Junior Sammy son. I is the owner of Stan­­dards. You don’t know me?”

Hosein fined him $3,000. In default, Laquis will serve nine months in prison.

Laquis apologised for his actions and said the money will be paid immediately.