Monday, February 19, 2018

Court urges dad to watch Will Smith movie

Pupil on $10,000 bail for stealing from teacher

A FATHER was yesterday advised to sit and view a movie with his 15-year-old son who stole from a teacher at the start of the last school term.

The man was told to watch The Pursuit of Hap­py­ness, starring Will Smith and his son Jaden.

San Fernando Ma­gistrate Lisa Ramsumair Hinds said, “It is a good movie about a father and son.... I’m hoping to ignite in you a different kind of passion for your son...for you to feel something instinctively for your son,” she said.

Last September, on the first day of the school term, the boy, who was then 14, stole a Samsung Galaxy Tab valued at $3,500 from an art teacher.

He was placed on $10,000 bail and was first staying with his aunt. In recent months, however, the boy has been living with his father.

Ramsumair-Hinds commended the man on the improvements she had seen in his responsi­bilities towards his son during the time they had been appearing before her.

She suggested they view the movie together and give feedback at their next court appearance on Thursday when the case is expected to come to an end.

“Find the similarities between that man and his son and you and your son.... You can also recommend the movie to

your friends who are fath-ers and having challen­ges,” the magistrate said.