Sunday, December 17, 2017

Court orders $20,000 to be forfeited

A COURT order was made Friday that more than $20,000 be forfeited from a man after the court determined he planned to use the cash to commit a crime.

The ruling came after the Director of Public Prosecutions filed an application under the Proceeds of Crime Act for the money to be confiscated.

The cash was seized last year from Al Hyndman of Tunapuna.

It was found in his pocket after police officers intercepted a vehicle in which he was an occupant, back in 2009.

The vehicle was stopped in San Fernando after officers received information that it was carrying guns and narcotics.

Following the seizure of the cash, a receipt was handed over to Hyndman until the completion of the court hearing, which started last year July.

Evidence was heard and Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan ruled that Hyndman had intended to use the money "in the commission of a specified offence".

He said: "The court hereby orders the forfeiture of the cash received under Section 38 of the Proceeds of Crime Act, the sum of $20,108 together with any interest occurring thereon."

Hyndman had opted not to give evidence in the case and defence attorney Jagdeo Singh said the magistrate's decision will be appealed.

Attorney Sarah De Silva represented the State. Detectives Curth Marcano, Avinash Singh, Mervyn De Peza, and Terrence Hamilton investigated the case.