Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Couva Joylanders gets new pan complex

Players and management of Couva Joylanders Steel Orchestra are going into Panorama 2013 with new sponsorship from the National Gas Company (NGC).

As a result, the band will hold its practice sessions in a newly built pan complex at Railway Road, Couva, built by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure in conjunction with NGC.

However, the band has been told by its NGC sponsor that both the sponsorship and pan complex come with great responsibility.

At the recent opening of the pan complex, NGC's President Indar Maharaj said, "We (NGC) will work in collaboration with the management of the band to equip its members with the skills to manage the affairs of the organisation in a professional, business-like manner. This will not only ensure the efficient conduct of the band's business, but it will also promote self-sufficiency and the long-term viability of NGC Couva Joylanders."

Maharaj challenged the band to build and establish strong links with other groups in the community that share similar ideals. This, he said, will reflect NGC's approach to the concept of corporate social responsibility.

He said in this way NGC Couva Joylanders will become a catalyst for bringing the various organisations closer together, which is necessary for developing a dynamic and self-reliant community.

Maharaj said when he heard Joylanders was seeking to foster a closer relationship with the schools in the area, he was ecstatic.

"NGC is extremely proud to have assisted in building this facility which we expect will become a source of great pride for the residents of Couva and environs. We look forward to the wonderful music that will undoubtedly emerge from the NGC Couva Joylanders and expect that by building this complex we have led the way in the direction the new era of pan music will come from," Maharaj said.

Joylanders has been in the spotlight recently, having qualified for the final of the International Steelband Jazz Festival.

With the new pan complex to work from, band members are upbeat and are already practising their Panorama 2013 selection, "Band from Space", arranged by Kenneth "Panman" Clarke.