Monday, February 19, 2018

Cow tongues found at Trincity Mall

 SECURITY guards at Trincity Mall on Monday afternoon found three cow tongues in three boxes, with a $100 bill and a note attached to one of the boxes, which said: “This is for those who may take the trouble to deal with this.”

Arouca police, who confirmed the bizarre discovery, told the Express they had no idea what was behind the message and who it was intended for.

“It might be obeah ting,” one corporal told the Express.

They explained that around 4 p.m. they received a call from the mall’s security about the three boxes at the northern end of the mall.

Officers arrived and took the boxes with the tongues, the note and the $100 bill for testing as it was initially thought that the tongues were human.

 The tongues, when examined at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, turned out to be those of cows.

Arouca CID officers are continuing investigations. —GG